Feminin Flyt by Iselin Larsen

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In this book you will find everything you need to know to live more in tune with yourself and the nature around you. The book is an invitation to listen to the body, take more breaks and live more in flow. So that you can be safer, set boundaries and put yourself first, perhaps for the first time in a long time.

You learn to plan your month after the cycle, where you alternate between the feminine "be" and the masculine "do". You can find a new form of feminine and cyclical self-development, where the moon becomes your most important guide and you avoid life's projects becoming an eternal rush. You learn to create new routines and rituals so that you can create a life that feels affordable and more sustainable in the long run.

Modern society is built on masculine values, and on the male cycle. This has made many women stressed, headstrong and disconnected from their own bodies. Since the dawn of time, women have lived in tune with nature and their own cycle, but somewhere along the way we lost this connection. Feminine flow shows you the way back to yourself. To ancient wisdom, which you can use in your modern life. This is a practical and down-to-earth approach to the cycle of nature and women, spirituality and the feminine energies. Welcome to a cyclical life!

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Author: Iselin Larsen
Subtitle: Syklusmagi for nybegynnere: spiritualitet: måneseremonier: ritualer
ISBN: 9788269266603
Language: Norwegian (bokmål)
Weight: 446 grams
Released: 10/27/2021
Publisher: NOR
Number of pages: 176