Start of a mission with CleanSea

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with CleanSea - a Swedish company that makes an impact for the ocean and marine life, creating a future of our oceans full of life, not plastic. They do this by removing harmful trash from the ocean and coastlines in Sweden and other places in the world with travel influencers. CleanSea collect plastic floating on the surface in marinas and even dive to pull trash from the ocean floor. The trash they collect consists mostly of single-use plastics such as plastic bottles, bags and packaging, and a lot of discarded fishing gear such as nets, ropes and gloves. We help to fund the CleanSea project through the sales of their CleanSea bracelets, and pull 1 kilo of trash from the ocean for every CleanSea bracelet purchased.

You can read more about CleanSea on their website here.
Thank you for being part of this mission to clean the sea!