Organic Rosemary Essential Oil

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Release your stressful feelings  |  10 ml 

Organic Rosemary is sharp and strong. Due to its stimulating and stress releasing properties it is your best friend during stressful periods when you need to get things done. It is best diffused when you feel overwhelmed with work or exams.

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Botanical Name: Rosmarinus officinalis
Origin: Spain
Method: Steam Distillation
Plant part: Leaves
Note: Middle - Top
Consistency: Thin
Color: Clear
Testing: Not tested on animals
Size: 10 ml
Shelf life: 3 years unopened
Quality: Certified organic, 100% pure, natural, vegan, non-toxic, synthetic-free material.

How to use:

Tips & Tricks:
• Add 20-25 drops to your diffuser
• Add 2 drops to towels and bed sheets or bed covers
• Add a few drops to a carrier oil for massage (test gradually to check for skin sensitivity)
• Add 5 drops to a hot bath
• Add 10 drops to the bottom of your shower
• Clean the kitchen counter and other surfaces with a few drops of oil blended with soap