Ainasana Yoga Mat Recycling Program

The idea of having a Yoga Mat Recycling Program has been with us since we started the company this year (2021). Now that we have a physical Pop Up location at Paleet shopping mall in Karl Johan, Oslo, it’s a brilliant time to start.

Do you need or want a new yoga mat, but don't know what to do with your old one? We're here to help. We collect your old yoga mat and make sure it gets delivered to the most needed donation center or recycled to new innovative products. And in exchange for your old yoga mat, we give you a 20% discount to buy a new yoga mat from our mindful yoga mat collection or cork yoga mat.

You can treat yourself while doing something good & give back to the community.

Drop off points:

Drop off your old yoga mat at our Pop Up shop at Paleet in Karl Johan, Oslo

Karl Johans gate 37 - 43, 0162 Oslo

Opening hours:
Weekdays: 10-20
Saturday: 10 - 18

We will run this Yoga mat Recycling campaign from November 2021 until Christmas, and hope to collect as much yoga mats as we can during this time.
You can also donate or recycle a yoga mat you don't use anymore without buying a new one.

Together we can reduce - reuse - recycle
and be mindful, kindful & grateful to the Earth.