End of Year Reflection

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Winter is a season for stillness, rest, and reflection. The time in between the festivities of Christmas and the celebrations of New Year’s is also a perfect time for reflection.

Reflection is such a rewarding practice because we can witness and celebrate everything we've achieved so far. It allows us to assess what has happened, how it has affected us, what changes we can make, and how we want to act in the future. We are able to decide what we want to leave behind and what we’d like to bring with us into the new year.

Spend some time reflecting on the end of the year. Here, we rounded up a few questions to help you reflect on your 2022.

What were the three most defining low points this year?
What was the biggest risk you took this year?
What are you most proud of, and what has brought you the most joy this year?
When did you feel most alive, connected, and at peace?
What has energised and inspired you this year and how can you continue to make space for this in the brand new year to come too?

By answering these questions, reflecting on your memories, and exploring your experiences from this past year, you may have gained some surprising new insights about the moments that defined your year. With this fresh perspective and a greater sense of clarity, you can wrap up the year and welcome a new one.

It is not just making new resolutions; it is learning from the past to do better and make the most of next year.

Your past year might have been the best, the worst, or something in between. Honor what you’ve been through. And while this might feel daunting, it’s also freeing, as no matter what the next year brings, it’s in your hands to make the most of what comes.

Happy New Year 2023!
May the New Year bring you happiness, peace, and prosperity.

With Love,
Ainasana team


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