Cork Yoga Mat incl. Cork Bag + Strap

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Cork yoga mats are a great choice for any yogi. Cork is a material that's safe to use, environmentally friendly, and also perfect for your yoga practice for its antimicrobial and high-performance qualities.

    • Premium-grade cork surface & 100% natural rubber - materials that are gentle on the Earth, without sacrificing grip and quality.
    • Natural tree rubber provides maximum stability and ensures the mat does not shift as it grips the floor.
    • The natural raw cork provides optimal grip and stability for all practices.
    • The cork mat is biodegradable, non-toxic, free from PVC, plasticisers (phthalates) and TPE thanks to the use of 100% organic materials
    • It's anti-microbial, self cleaning & odourless 
    • The yoga mat is waterproof and resistant to moisture.
    • Thanks to the simple design, the cork mat is suitable for women, men and children.
    • The 4mm thickness provides a moderate amount of cushion.
    • Includes: Yoga bag made of natural cork and a 2-in-1 carrying strap / yoga strap made of recycled polyester and cotton.


    • Length: 183 cm
    • Width: 61 cm
    • Thickness: 4 mm
    • Weight: 2,5 kg

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    ECO FRIENDLY: Our Ainasana Eco Cork mat is perfect for those who want the most sustainable yoga mat. Cork is a natural, biodegradable material and the trees which it is harvested from are not harmed in any way. The cork and natural rubber has a natural beauty and wonderful feel, whilst being ethical, sustainable and non-toxic.

    OPTIMAL CUSHIONING AND DURABILITY: The 4mm thickness provides just the right amount of cushioning to protect your joints whilst giving you a firm stable surface for more dynamic asanas. It is ideal for beginners to advanced practioners.

    CARE & CLEAN: Our Eco Cork mat has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, so you can rest assured that even if you haven’t cleaned your mat that you are always practising on a clean and healthy surface, and the mat will not develop odours. They should be stored rolled up with the cork surface facing outwards, it should not be folded. The mat should be cleaned with a soft wet towel.