Taking an Inward Journey

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As the days grow shorter, we are slowly letting go of the active energy of sunny days and turning our awareness inward to prepare physically and energetically for the stillness of Winter.

Drawing attention inwards
They say that yoga is about going on an inward journey. A journey of self-discovery or re-discovery. It is the time taken just for yourself. For reflection or just to calm your mind. Maintaining such a state during yoga sessions leads to deeper practices. Nurture your inward power, mentally and functionally, through yoga and meditation.

Accept your true self
Accept your individual journey—one of self-awareness and self-acceptance. Connect inward and learn how to become aware of what makes you special. What makes you YOU. With your focus inward, you are able to begin to understand your life path, but it is only when you fully accept that you can appreciate and trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

Develop an open mind and heart
The ego and people’s competitive sides often prevent the mind from turning inward. Let’s start by setting our egos aside. The time is now for everyone to step forward with more openness of mind and heart. With this openness we can break from the old stuck ways that no longer serve us. Once liberated, we can create new, more expansive forms of expression and change the structure of our lives.

Realize that every day there is something new for you to learn, unlearn, or re-learn. As you become more mindful of your doing, your thoughts, and emotions, and when you fully commite to your authenticity you become more conscious about intentionally being authentic, you can change the course of your life.


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