Cleansing Rituals for the New Year

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At the start of an exciting new year, it's important to look back on the year that was, and symbolically turn the page of a new chapter as we step into 2022 full of faith, optimism, and love.

Whether this means a reset, cleanse, or new ritual to keep you feeling grounded, it’s more about finding the right flow for yourself. One that keeps you feeling present, in a flowing way of refocusing and creating space, physically and mentally, in the broadest sense of the term for whatever’s coming next.

Cleansing is a ceremony or ritual that you can do whenever the vibes are feeling off, and you know it’s time for some refresh. This is about clearing out the old and making way for new, fresh energy to flow.
Below you'll find a few cleansing rituals to prepare your home and yourself for an amazing year ahead.

Intention Setting
Dive deep into your own being and re-connect with your intuition to uncover your truest wants. Breathe deeply and unite with your soul. Use this time to mentally endow every space in your home with your positive thoughts and good intentions. Feel your way into your intention. Visualize your wishes and send them out to the Universe.

Smoke Cleansing
White sage is one of the most common herbs for smoke cleansing. It is associated with purity and has a strong and heavy presence. It's definitely useful for when you need a major space cleansing. Another common wood that is burned for cleansing is Palo Santo. Both are used to purify your surroundings and bring you to an even deeper place of calm, clarity and receptiveness.

Different people respond differently to various scents, and negative emotions we tie to certain situations can be altered or eliminated by aromatherapy rituals. Choose scents that align with your intentions. Check out our aromatherapy collection of diffusers, oils and mood-boosting candles, each with their own soothing mantras and intentions.


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