Welcome February – The Month of (Self) Love

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Happy February yogis!

How are you feeling about this beautiful new month of (Self) Love?

We're all the way into 2022 now. The days are starting to get a little longer, the sun is shining a little brighter, and by now, you know for sure whether or not that intention or routine you started on January 1st is going to stick with you or not.

February is also international 'boost your Self-Esteem' month.
Self-Esteem refers to 'a person’s overall sense of Self-Worth or personal value'.
And the sad truth is that your level of Self-Esteem may have grown or shrunk based on how people have treated you in the past and the evaluations you've made about your life and your choices. The good news is that you can change your thinking and increase the level of your Self-Worth whenever you feel like.

Below you'll find some tips on how to boost your Self-Esteem;

1. Establish a good Self-Care routine
I cannot stress this enough: Take care of yourself first!

2. Challenge negative thoughts
Changing the way you talk to yourself, and turning your negative thoughts into positive ones is an incredibly important step towards improving your Self-Worth.

3. Heal your past
Identify your triggers first. To increase the level of positive thinking in your daily life, you first have to recognize what people, places, and things promote negative thinking. Remove them from your life.

4. Stop comparing yourself
Don't distract yourself by constantly comparing your life journey to the life of others. You do you. Raw. Fun. Real. Pure. You. No one else.

5. Stop worrying about what others think
Set an intention and make a decision to stop worrying about what other people think, and begin making choices based on what YOU want, not what you think others want from you.


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