Mindfulness and Mental Health During the Winter

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Prepare your mind for winter

Winter is a particularly rough time for some people. Maybe you are also not a huge fan of winter or the weather that comes with it, so in that case, there are few steps you can take to prepare yourself mentally for the upcoming colder months.

Accept the season

Even if you find zero joy in being snowed and daily dressed in 20 layers, you must accept winter is here. Embrace the change and find something to look forward to. I know it is difficult to stay positive when the sun doesn’t rise until after you get to work and sets before you get back home. But try to accept this fact and still do things outside in the afternoon hours. Yes, it’s cozy on your nice sofa with your slippers and your blanket, but keep your body moving, stay active and go outside. Increase your sunlight exposure whenever you can.

Hang out with people who enjoy winter

The emotions of those around indeed affect us in good or bad way. Try and hang out with friends and people who are happier than you. Hanging out with them will help you feel more positive about yourself while allowing you to forget about negative feelings throughout winter.

Incorporate self-compassion into your daily life

Self-compassion provides emotional strength and resilience, it gives us an opportunity to forgive ourselves when needed, relate wholeheartedly to others, and be more authentically ourselves.

Be kind to yourself. If you're constantly reminding yourself how much you don't like winter, you will increase your bad mood even more. Practice mindfulness and concentrate your attention on the beauty and benefits of the dark winter months. Be present. And don't worry darling, spring sunshine is on the horizon.


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