Self-Care & Mindfulness Activities

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Whether you are totally new to yoga and mindfulness, these simple practices below, will breathe space into your daily routines and help you to protect your peace during this winter. A mindful activity is anything which allows you to be present in the very moment so, let's get started.

1. Mindful wake-up
Create a mindful morning routine and start with a purpose as you set your intention for the day. You can also establish a positive affirmation habit as first thing in the morning which can impact the outcome of your entire day.

2. Self-care meditation
Sit down in silence and notice your thoughts. Thoughts create feelings. Happy thoughts cause happy feelings and sad thoughts cause sad feelings. When you separate yourself from your thoughts and simply notice them with detachment, you remove some of the power they have over your emotions. To lift your mood during meditation try and light one of our aromatherapy candles as scent can affect our mood and emotions.

3. Practice gratitude
It is not about the number of things you are grateful for, a mindful gratitude practice means immersing yourself in the emotion so that you feel deeply and profoundly blessed for things, situations and people in your life.

4. Mindful eating
Eat according to your hunger and breathe before eating. Slow down and continue to breathe deeply as you eat. It’s not easy to savor and digest your food if you are not relaxed. Pay attention to how it makes you feel, its smell and taste of the food you’re eating. Stop eating when you’re sated.

5. Create some mindful art
As with every mindful activity, it is not about the finished product, but rather the process that get you there. Remember – stop for a moment, look, breathe and create. Maybe it is time to try yourself out with DIY Mandala patterns or some coloring. Such kind of activities take full focus and give us some relief from tension, anxiety, and stress.

Feel free to check out my Etsy shop with Mandala patterns and guided journaling to cultivate a Self Care practice. Create your moment of joy, a feeling of happiness, at any time of the day.


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