Oneness With Nature: Yoga Meditation Practice Outdoors

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In the western world we may associate nature with a sense of fear. Over the last years we have witnessed many situations where natural disasters wiped out entire cities without any warning and us powerless to do anything about it.

We're slowly realizing the real threat to our safety is something we can't even see until it actually happens. Nature has a mind of its own. And we are part of nature way more than we pretend to be, as all life on Earth is connected. We are all one and should live in harmony with each other and greet nature with respect and be aware of its power. We should finally understand that this is one thing that we as human beings do not have any control over, even though we think we do, and because we have no control over it, it is unreasonable to greet it with fear.

Shift your mind from fear to love. Realize you are nature. You are made up of all the same elements, minerals, and energy that make up mother Earth. So make sure to take some time to honor, reflect and connect with our beautiful planet.

Stop doing what you are doing for at least 10 minutes a day and return to nature. Go for a walk. Relax. Grab our Nordic Mountain Yoga Mat which is inspired by the Nordic mountains that brings strength and grounding to your practice and gives you the feeling like you're standing on top of a mountain, strong, stabled and balanced. Connect to the world around you. Slow down. Meditate.

By meditating in nature we are connecting with the essence of ourselves and the surrounding is our true remedy. When we connect to everything that exist and lives in nature, these pure feelings of love bring us clarity and settle our inner peace. Meditation in nature brings you closer to whom you really are. It brings you closer to nature which is inherently in you and absolutely no one can take that away from you.


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