How Yoga Can Transform Your Life

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What Is Yoga, Really?

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise which connects the body, mind and spirit into one. When you are doing different body postures, you are expanding the body-mind relationship, raising your energy and emotions, and also your higher self, all this at the same time.

By doing yoga practice regularly we slowly and gently strengthening our muscles and train ourselves how to listen to our body. Where does it ache? Which part really needs movement? Is the pain really physical or more emotional? Am I being kind to my spine? Am I being kind to my mind?

It goes far beyond stretching and mastering an arm balance in all its perfection. It also teaches us how to actually love our body, as it is. How to be present in every moment and how to listen to our mind. Yoga become the way of life which teach us acceptance towards ourselves and encourages our unconditional love to our bodies and mind by doing more Self-Love and Self-Care activities.

To Put It Simply, Yoga Makes You Happier!

For some people, yoga practice is an escape from the outside world, where yoga mat represents their place of solitude and retreat where they can find peace. By practicing mindfulness meditation as a unique way of opening to deeper layers of Self, we also become more aware of what we can not change. It reminds us to be present and not dwell on our past. When we are mindful, we don't wish for things to be different, but we accept them as they are and move forward.

Life itself is daily changing and evolving and when the world around us feels chaotic, we still have a safe space to go inward, to notice our emotions and the feelings that are coming up in the body. Yoga teaches us to be in harmony with the movement as it is.

Yoga Brings You Peace

Anytime I feel the need for a change, or when I start questioning things and start feeling really anxious if I am not where I would want to be, I find my peace on my mat. My absolute favorite yoga mat is currently our Premium Biodegradable and Recyclable Yoga mat in Tropical Rainforest design, which brings my practice a bit closer to nature. It brings me the feel of tropical vibes into my home, into my mind and imagination to connect me to the 'aina', our earth.
After each yoga practice, I feel calmer and more aware of my body and my mind, and this seeps into everything I do in life, from how I work and relate to others, to how I breathe, eat and sleep. It somehow changes the way you think, feel and live.

Yoga Builds Awareness For Transformation

How often do you just stop and think about what really inspires you, what your fears are, and what is really relevant to you at the very moment? All these and more I began to realize through months of a daily yoga practice and meditation.

Our mindset is one extremely powerful tool which, with a help of the body, serve us in a way to create a reflection of our inner self to the outside world. While on the inside we are able to feel, to create and to imagine, on the outside we can reflect our emotions, creations and actions moreover we personify our avatar. In some way we are able to embody our mind.


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