Spring Awakening Yoga Flow

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Welcome Spring!

Spring is a time for renewal, and often a time of excitement because we are emerging from a cocoon of protection from the harsher elements of winter. Nature blooms and it is time to get inspired and recharged by new and rising energy. It is the time to work on your foundation within the poses, providing strong roots to grow out of, giving you both strength and stability while embracing new challenges and personal growth.

Springtime also invites cleansing and detoxing. As the seasons shift, so do our bodies and minds, since we are integrally connected to nature. Infuse your yoga practice with the energy of spring. Challenge yourself on how to maintain your yoga practice as a constant in your life while everything around it is changing. Nature starts to come alive all around us, as do we.

Springtime invites us to add more heat to our yoga through flow movement, vinyasa, and twists. Your yoga practice this time of year should be stimulating and invigorating. This helps to wake up sluggish digestion to get your lymph moving, prevents congestion, and aids in the detox process.

Wake up and energize your body with amazing heart-opening asanas, sun salutations and dynamic forward folds. Twist your body to detoxify the organs and strengthen metabolic fire.

Move your whole body. Get the blood flowing. Turn yourself upside down to help your organs stay fresh. Take time to relax and renew while your body does the work.

Get grounded with mountain pose. This stillness brings a sense of harmony and peace, inviting us to go deeper, to explore our inner landscapes with acceptance and compassion.

To enrich your Spring practice use our uplifting candles each with their own soothing mantras, to restore sanity and fill your home with the right kind of energy.



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