Spring Clean Your Body & Soul

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Spring has officially sprung.

Springtime is all about new beginnings, which makes detoxing the perfect way to welcome the season. Being in harmony with nature's seasons, creates the easiest way for us to find a healthy balance in our lives.
Below you'll find a few ways to spring clean your body and soul.

Rejuvenate and change habits
Are you ready to recharge your mind, body, and spirit?

With all of the demands of daily life, sometimes can really be difficult to take the time to focus on health and well-being. Change some of your habits with mindfulness. Bring awareness to the habit that you want to change, and think about the situations or conditions that trigger each habit.

Restore your glow
Eat well to nourish your skin from the inside out and replenish the missing nutrients. Eating in harmony with the season will ensure that your body can regenerate and bloom this spring. We feel hungry when our body is needing nutrients. Support your body with proper nutrition. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables will raise your body’s vitamin levels and antioxidant levels, both of which contribute to your skin’s radiance.

Give digestion a break
In case you're wondering, the body does detoxify itself naturally, but a good cleanse can help the process along. Give your gut a little break. Our digestive system is very busy and hard-working, which requires high amounts of energy. If you have over-indulged, give your digestive system a break by choosing a smoothie or juice in place of one meal.

Allow your body time to heal itself
Another way to rest your system is to leave a 12 hour gap between your evening meal and breakfast the following morning. Some research is showing the body will go into recovery mode in its desire to self-heal, when resting from eating.


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