Yoga for Early Summer

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Hello June, hello Summer!
Roll out your mat, put a smile on your face, come home to yourself, and get your body and mind ready for the summer!

Calm the mind
With today’s hectic schedules, it’s no wonder we feel stressed out all the time. Yoga leaves you feeling calm and positive. It gives you a sense of being able to cope with whatever life throws at you. Slow down and tune in. Take a few breaths to calm your mind and body. Come to the present moment. When we’re balanced on the inside, our outer world directly reflects this.

Warm up the body
A few rounds of Sun Salutation every morning is a wonderful way to wake up and warm the body. Do a Camel pose to open your chest and spread your arms wide, opening the heart center, physically and emotionally.

Try taking your practice outside
Connect with nature. Take off your shoes and walk barefoot on the soil. Contact with dirt has not only medicinal benefits, but also healing. Also, practicing yoga outdoors doesn’t cost anything; you do not need to pay for a studio, or a gym.

Stay fit
Yoga helps maintain our psychophysical balance and allows you to work with the body and mind. Regular practice enhances the flexibility of the muscles and joints. This means you’ll be less prone to injuries.

Stay hydrated
When the temperature rises, so should your water intake. Get hydrated before, throughout your practice, and after. Hydration keeps your energy levels up. Drink room temperature water as if the water is too cold, our bodies have to use valuable energy to warm the water to absorb it, so, instead, use all your energy for your postures.


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