Yoga & Nature – Mindfulness of the 5 Elements

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The 5 elements, EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR and SPACE (ETHER), are found in all things and in all aspects of life, including you. Nature is a magical thing. By spending time outdoors in the elements, we are able to rebalance ourselves physically, mentally and energetically.

Take a moment on your mat to honor the 5 elements and feel the healing power of nature to make your yoga practice deeper and more powerful.

1. Earth
Connect to the Mother Earth. Earth is the element of grounding, stability and safety. This element allows us to feel safe and secure in our lives and well-being, and it is more about doing less than adding more. By grounding, centering and letting go of the old, we get back to our most primal selves.

2. Water
Within the Water element there exists a definite feeling of freedom, movement and cleansing. Go grab our premium Eco Yoga mat in Ocean Blue design, to cultivate calmness and relaxation to your practice. Feel the ocean, feel your spirit lift while practicing on the different shades of blue with the Sanskrit phrase 'Namaste' in the middle, meaning “The divine in me bows to the divine in you".

3. Fire
Fire element is associated with energy, transformation and illumination. It is the driving force of life, and it can help you to focus and concentrate on taking action on what you desire most.

4. Air
Air element is invisible and it represents lightness, expansion and movement. Movement of breath, energy and our thoughts. It is our most basic connection to life and it helps to keep us moving.

5. Space (Ether)
The element of Space is the place where everything happens and everything is possible. It represents expansion, imagination and dreaminess. This element is the most powerful because without, none of the other 4 elements can exist. And if there is no Space, nothing can exist.

Settle back and explore each of these elements through mindfulness meditation or your yoga practice, and welcome harmony into your life. Connect with nature and respect your connection with everything. Expand your awareness and allow yourself to return back to your inner self.


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